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The Weather
Retiring in tropical Hawaii Hawaii has many micro-climates -- some areas with too much rain, others with almost no rain at all -- and you would be well advised to talk to somebody who knows the islands.
Oahu has the most comprehensive and advanced healthcare.

If you have, or potentially could have, complex medical needs, you might want to ensure convenient access to a specialist on the island of your choice.

Our Healthcare in Hawaii page has much more helpful information.
Golf instruction Although Hawaii is a very popular place for retirees, it does not have that feel of most retirement communities on the mainland.

Many of those who have retired to Hawaii tend to be involved in physical, social activities and clubs. Others may want to just sit and read, with frequent glances at the mountains or the ocean.
Dreaming Of Retiring on a Tropical Island
Retired couple in Hawaii Where can you go to find a relaxing lifestyle, a sense of community, and fresh corn on the cob in December?

Two years ago, Harris Poll conducted a national survey asking active adults over 55 about their retirement plans. This survey found that if baby boomers had to live somewhere other than their home state, Hawaii was their first choice. The lifestyle, weather and culture varies from island to island and from community to community, but all of the Aloha State offers a year round steady warm climate, some of the greatest scenery in the world, and unlimited things to do. If you are considering Hawaii as a place to retire, an experienced Realtor can help you find your perfect home.
Cost of Retiring in Hawaii
Retirement in Hawaii Real estate in Hawaii can be expensive, but not much more and maybe less than the desirable areas of California, Florida and Arizona. If you are now living in the northern part of the United States or in Canada where heating bills can cost a small fortune, the weather in Hawaii will be a welcome change.
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