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Jobs in Hawaii
Jobs in HawaiiAre you a Bookkeeper? Do you want to be an Oral Surgery Assistant? Are you interested in becoming Director of Social Services? These are but a few of the many job openings listed in Hawaii.

Our Jobs in Hawaii page gives lots of information on the job projections for the state – and training facilities and schools if you need to update your skills.

Perhaps you could become a multiplex property owner – our agents can assist you in finding the homes in Oahu or condos in Kauai that will fit your needs to relocate to Hawaii.
Avoid this simple, costly mistake
How do you know that your realtor, or real estate agent, is working for you and not the other side of the deal?

First, make sure you are using a Realtor® who must maintain a higher standard.

Secondly, if your Realtor is only working for you (the buyer or seller) and not the other side (the seller or buyer) then you know they aren’t withholding information that could really help you know whether you need to increase your offer or if the seller is in a position to lower their asking price.

Lastly¸ our agents are thoroughly vetted for licensing, accreditations, and any specialties they may hold.

Best of Hawaii realtors are at the ready to help you find Hilo homes for sale or perhaps find condos in Kona.

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Retire in Hawaii
Sunset over the ocean on Hawaii
You’ve seen Lost; and Gilligan’s Island, now you can create your own home movie set in the location of a lifetime. Make sure to send it back to your friends on the mainland!

Retire in Hawaii where the pace is yours to choose. You can be as active or serene as you want – you’ve worked hard your whole life – retire in paradise where every sunrise melts into gorgeous sunsets.

How you fill the time in between in entirely up to you!
Moving with pets
Dog with hula skirtTaking your pets with you to your new Hawaii home has just been made a whole lot easier.

There used to be days long quarantines and such, but now – there are new rules in place that allow you to bypass the old ways and make sure that your fur kids can make the change with you at their side to help them with their moving experience. Larger animals and pets have an easier time now too.

There are companies that have made a whole business out of making sure your animals enjoy their cruise or flight to their new island.

Be sure to check out our Moving Pets to Hawaii page for all of the details.
Care for the land
Hawaii Rainforest
Malama ‘Aina
We are one with the Earth and the Earth is us - we are the Earth’s caretakers - pack it in, pack it out. These are all catchphrases we hear and see every day. These are all also examples of Malama ‘Aina - "to care for the land".

Ancient Hawaiians believed human life was an extension of the land – a gift sustained only by the natural bounty of the islands themselves. The Earth and all of its elements always deserving care and the utmost respect.

In Hawaii, we remove our shoes before entering a house. When you enter a home barefoot, you’re respecting your host, and in turn, the land itself. There are many examples of Malama ‘Aina all over the world, but nowhere is it as much a part of the culture as in Hawaii.
Healthcare in Hawaii
Healthcare is the in headlines everywhere – How do we get it? How do we pay for it? Lucky for you, Hawaii has it all figured out.

Be sure to go to the Healthcare in Hawaii page to learn about the different healthcare plans in the state and links to more in depth information than any one page could give you. Hawaii has state of the art hospitals including an Army hospital.

Some islands are more remote than others so you might want to keep that in mind when considering your relocation to Hawaii.

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