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Moving to Molokai

Father Damien
Father Damien with lepers In 1873, Father Damien deVeuster, a 33 year old Catholic missionary priest from Belgium, arrived at Kalaupapa.

Father Damien built homes, churches and coffins, arranged for medical services and funding and even cared for the afflicted as if they were his own children.

Unfortunately, he eventually contracted the disease, leading to his own death in 1889.

Father Damien was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church in 2009.
70 percent less At around $380,000, median home prices in Molokai are less than 70 percent Hawaii’s statewide average, according to 2008 statistics.
Molokai plumeria There isn’t a single traffic light on the entire island of Molokai.
Top 5 things to consider when moving to Molokai
1. Reasonably priced homes.
Property values on Molokai are significantly lower than the statewide average.
2. Old Hawaii feel.
Often called the most Hawaiian of all the islands, Molokai is a place where the legacy of Hawaii’s rich ancient heritage lives on through the land and its people.
3. Friendly people.
If the spirit of Aloha exists throughout Hawaii, Molokai is where it calls home.
4. Very laid back.
Molokai residents revel in the island’s charming character, barely touched by the passage of the last 100 years. This is a place with few cars and no major shopping centers.
5. Cowboy culture.
Cattle and horse handling techniques were imported from Mexico by the Hawaiian monarchy as early as 1832 and still permeate Molokai’s culture and lifestyle. Click here to learn about Hawaiian life with a distinct cowboy flare.

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