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Endemic Species
Hawaiian tree The Kanepuu Preserve is one of Earth’s most fragile eco-systems; 590 acres with at least 48 documented species of native plants.

Here you will find rare plant species that grow no place else on the planet.
Did You Know...
Polynesian mask The Hawaiian Island archipelago is the most isolated grouping of islands on Earth at about 1,860 miles from the nearest continent.
Did You Know...
King Kamehameha Lanai has been controlled by Maui since before recorded history. Today it is still designated as an island of “Maui County”
Did You Know...
Bill Gates Bill and Melinda Gates chose to be married on Lanai in 1994.
Lanai is the Pineapple Isle
Lanai valley Lanai is the sixth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands with 140 square miles (364 km) of land. The highest mount is Lanaihale at 3,366 ft above sea level.

Lanai is known as The Pineapple Island because of its past as an island wide pineapple plantation. In 1922, James Dole, the president of Hawaiian Pineapple Company, bought the entire island of Lana'i and developed a large portion of it into the world's largest pineapple plantation of the time. More recently Lanai is referred to as the Private Island.

Lanai is remote from the hustle bustle world, so if you want to relax and unwind, this is the place.
Culture and Lifestyle on Lanai
Lanai Hotel The central town of Lanai City hosts Hotel Lanai, an amazing and historical building turned Bed and Breakfast in Lanai City (originally built in 1923); with 11 rooms for rent. There are two Four Seasons resort hotels, Mānele Bay and the Lodge at Koele with luxurious accommodations. These two intimate resorts serve those who want to "get away from it all" yet want to be pampered in the process.

The “Garden of the Gods” [(Keahikawelo) is one of Lanai’s most fascinating natural wonders, and is a sacred place enjoyed by visitors, locals and geology buffs time and time again. These large scattered rock formations were formed over thousands of years by continuous erosion. The best time to catch the spectacular light glistening off the formations is in the early morning or late evening. Amazing does not even describe this fascinating place on earth. The sun's rays hit the minerals contained within the rocks and display an array of color changes.

Lanai's Hulopoe Beach Park is a glorious part of this little island and is located on the south east coast near the Manele Bay boat landing. The beautiful golden sand invites beach lounging. The waters surrounding the park are a marine reserve and snorkeling is particularly popular due to the multitude and variety of tropical fish that live in the coral filled crystal waters.

Scuba diving the “Pyramids”, named after the massive amounts of pyramid butterfly fish that make these pinnacles home, off the south coast of Lanai is world class.

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