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Moving to Kauai

Kauai Commute
Road between Koloa and Lihue Just part of the daily island grind…
Did You Know...
Hamura's Saimin was honored by the The James Beard Foundation in 2006 as an American Classic.
Island Humor
Chickens at Kokee A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
If you like outdoor activities, this may be your paradise. Hiking, swimming, kayaking, fishing and surfing are just a few of the options available year round.
Top 5 things to consider when moving to Kauai
1. Rich tropical scenery.
If you live far away from work or school, the commute might just be the highlight of your day. Kauai’s green mountains, picturesque valleys and stunning ocean views will change the way you think about your daily commute.
2. Medical care.
The Wilcox Memorial Hospital is centrally located in Lihue and offers extensive routine, long-term and emergency care capabilities. Kauai also has full service on-island emergency care and, if needed, neighbor island emergency helicopter transportation.
3. Education.
Kauai has three major public high schools serving different sections of the island, a number of public elementary and middle schools, as well as a select group of sectarian and nonsectarian private institutions.
4. Kauai’s wild chickens.
While everyone seems to have a different story to describe the origins of Kauai’s famous population of wild chickens, one thing is for sure: they make great pictures and help take care of the insect problem.
5. Ocean Activities.
As a resident you’ll have plenty of time to learn to surf. Kauai has world class surfing right off the shore of beaches around the island. As always, only swim where lifeguards are present and follow all posted warnings.

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