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Hawaii Training Schools
Training Schools in Hawaii Hawaii has a wide range of institutions that offer specialized professional training.  The University of Hawaii’s Shidler College of Business offers an internationally recognized MBA program.

Need further specialization in your field?  Hawaii’s wide range of public and private educational options will accommodate your need.
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Jobs in Hawaii
There is good news if you are considering finding a job in Hawaii.  As of March 2010, Hawaii’s unemployment levels sat comfortably at 6.9 percent, less than 70 percent of the nation’s 9.7 percent average. Only seven states rank higher than Hawaii in this regard.

When comparing Hawaii with historic nationwide unemployment averages, Hawaii levels are significantly lower as a whole.  You can bet, whether you stay in Hawaii for a year or the rest of your life, finding a job in the islands is easier than you think.

Unemployment Levels - Hawaii vs. National Average
Hawaii job market vs national average graph
Fastest growing job industries in Hawaii
While tourism is a major economic force, the State of Hawaii is committed to diversification.  Although tourism continues to strengthen, official estimates put the state’s ten fastest growing industries in a variety of different sectors (see graph).  Targeted industries include science and technology, film and television productions, sports, ocean research and development, health and education tourism, agriculture and specialty food products. Fastest growing job industries in Hawaii

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