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How do YOU spell Real Estate?

Quick – first thing that comes to mind…

So, what is your answer? One word or two? Lowercase or capitalized? All caps or just the first letters? If you’re still not sure, type it into your favorite search engine and see how your fingers naturally arrange the letters.

Question 1: Which of the following phrases is worded correctly?

  1. Hawaii real estate
  2. Hawaii realestate
  3. Hawaii Real Estate

Believe it or not, these silly questions actually have a purpose. Check this out – if you’re serious about buying or selling Hawaii real estate, the way you spell your search will change your results. In other words, spell Hawaii real estate as two words and you’ll get one set of results; spell Hawaii realestate as one word and you’ll get another. Go ahead – try it for yourself.

At Best of Hawaii Real Estate, we think that spelling should be the least of your worries. Whether you type in best Hawaii real estate or best Hawaii realestate – or any other creative way you choose to word it – all you’re interested in finding is the Hawaii home of your dreams. Your choice of spelling shouldn’t affect your success.

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