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Big Island Lifestyle and Culture

Snorkeling & Diving
scuba diver The Big Island has the most coral reef for scuba diving and snorkeling in the Hawaiian Islands.
Did You Know...
Polynesian mask The Hawaiian Island archipelago is the most isolated grouping of islands on Earth at about 1,860 miles from the nearest continent.
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The prestigious International Bill Fish Tournament is held each year off of the Kona coast luring sport fishermen to the famous Kona Coast in search of a prized Pacific blue marlin and their chance of capturing the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament's Governor's trophy!
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Big Island is the Orchid Isle
Lava flow Hawaii is the largest island and is simply called "The Big Island".
It is twice the size of all the other islands put together and the least populated per square mile.

Total area is 4,038 sq. miles - 93 miles long and 76 miles wide with 266 miles of coastline. Home to 11 of the 14 known climate zones in the world, the Big Island has everything from desert lavascapes and tropical rain forests to black and green beaches. Big Island even has snow on the peaks of 13,000 foot volcanoes!

Big Island is home to Kilauea, the world's most active volcano as well as the ruggedly beautiful Hamakua Coast. The waters off the Big Island teem with life.

The highest point is Mauna Kea at 13,796 ft above sea level and home to a number of world famous astronomical observatories. Mauna Loa, also stands tall - at 13,680 feet above sea level and over 31,000 feet when measured from its rise on the ocean floor - making it the tallest mountain in the world from base to summit.
Culture and Lifestyle on Big Island
What to see and do on the Big Island? People laughing in a car
How about exploring volcanoes, winter whalewatching, diving with Manta Rays, festivals, museums and local arts?

Ever thought about petting a white tiger?  Well, you can at the Panaewa Zoo the only natural tropical rainforest zoo in the United States

Parker Ranch is one of the oldest and most historic ranches in the United States.

The Lyman Museum is located in Hilo. This Museum and Mission House offer a wonderful combination of natural history and early Hawaiian history, plus unique private collections.

The Pacific Tsunami Museum is also located in Hilo. This museum is dedicated to very, very large waves with incredible destructive power. Why... because Hilo has been hit by two tsunamis since 1946.

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