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Want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Big Island right now? We offer you a FREE virtual trip around the island, explore Hawaii, visit your favorite spots or discover new ones!
Local Perspective
Lava pouring into the Pacific Ocean
Don't just take our word for it...

We often ask our friends, neighbors, business associates and of course the Realtors about the things that make living on each island so unique.

Our goal is to give you realistic and necessary information about living in Hawaii.

Check out the Big Island Lifestyle and Culture page for examples.
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Realtors are held to the ethical rule that they must act in both the seller and the buyer parties' best interests.

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Big Island Real Estate
Single Family Homes
The Big Island of Hawaii offers a huge range of home styles and locations. From simple neighborhoods to mansions overlooking the ocean, there is something for everyone.

Property on the Big Island can be more affordable than some of the other islands. If you are on a tight budget, and have your heart set on piece of Hawaiian paradise, the Big Island may be a perfect fit.
Ready to take it easy? A Big Island condo might be a perfect solution. Typically priced lowed than a single family home, a condo may be a great way to make the move on a tight budget.

Considering the beautiful weather and all of the outdoor activities, do you really need the big house anyway?
Building a home or a desire to live off the grid are common reasons for looking at Big Island land.

If your ready to live like Swiss Family Robinson, grab your loved ones (you'll need someone to help build your amazing hideaway) and stake your claim.

Either way, you will want to talk to a Hawaii Realtor to ensure you get the best information about rainfall, wind and volcanic activity.
Relocating to Hawaii?
There are so many questions when thinking about moving within the same state, or even within the same regional area; But relocating to Hawaii brings its own set of interesting considerations.

Be sure to check out the Moving to Hawaii pages to get you started on the specifics of relocation to Hawaii.

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